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Kraftform Kompakt SH1 Plumbing Tool Kit, 25 Piece 05135927001

Kraftform Kompakt SH1 Plumbing Tool Kit, 25 Piece 05135927001

Kraftform Kompakt SH1 Plumbing Tool Kit, 25 Piece 05135927001    Kraftform Kompakt SH1 Plumbing Tool Kit, 25 Piece 05135927001
Compact tool set with the 25 most important screwdriving tools for plumbing and heating applications. Includes 2 JOKER open-end wrenches, the 1/4 Zyklop ratchet and accessories, 6 x 89 mm bits, 5 multi-component Kraftform Plus screwdrivers and single-pole phase tester. Two JOKER combination ratcheting wrenches with special holding plate against slipping/loss of the screw and more torque transfer; 1 Zyklop ratchet 8000 A (1/4) for fast, powerful working; 3 Zyklop sockets 8790 HMA for manual and power tools usage; 1 Zyklop adaptor 8784 A1 for bits; 6 TORX® HF bits 867/4 with holding function for TORX® screws for secure carry without any loss of the screws; 1 single-pole phase tester 247; 2 Kraftform series 100 slotted screwdrivers 160 i and 160 iS for safe work up to 1,000 volts (160 iS with reduced shaft diameter and integrated insulation protection for reaching and actuating low-lying screws and spring elements); 1 Kraftform Chiseldriver 932 A (slotted) with hex blade extending right through the handle and integrated impact cap for screwdriving and simpler chiselling work; 2 nutsetters 395 HO with hollow shaft for the tightening or loosening of screws on long bolts as well as seized screws. "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding according to profiles and size stamp - for simple and rapid accessing of the required tool. JOKER combination ratcheting wrench with special holding plate against slipping/loss of the screw.

Zyklop Speed ratchet for fast and powerful working. Insulated Kraftform VDE slotted screwdriver for safe work at 1,000 volts. Kraftform Chiseldriver with hex blade extending through handle and integrated impact cap. Hollow shaft nutspinner for nuts on protruding threaded rods.

Set contents: 6000 Joker 05073270001 1 x 10 x 159 mm 05073273001 1 x 13 x 177 mm 8000 A 05003500001 1 x 1/4" x 152 mm 8790 HMA 05003506001 1 x 7 x 23 mm 05003509001 1 x 10 x 23 mm 05003512001 1 x 13 x 23 mm 8784 A1 05003529001 1 x 1/4" x 37 mm 867/4 TORX® HF 05060081001 1 x TX 10 x 50 mm 05060082001 1 x TX 15 x 50 mm 05060083001 1 x TX 20 x 50 mm 05060084001 1 x TX 25 x 50 mm 05060086001 1 x TX 30 x 50 mm 05060087001 1 x TX 40 x 50 mm 851/4 Z PH 05059775001 1 x PH 2 x 89 mm 05059760001 1 x PH 1 x 89 mm 840/4 Z Hex-Plus 05059630001 1 x 3 x 89 mm 05059631001 1 x 4 x 89 mm 05059632001 1 x 5 x 89 mm 05059633001 1 x 6 x 89 mm 247 050056550011 1 x 0.5 x 3 x 70 mm 1 Product not available in the USA and Canada. 160 iS 05006440001 1 x 0.6 x 3.5 x 100 mm 160 i VDE 05006120001 1 x 1 x 5.5 x 125 mm 932 A 05018266001 1 x 1.2 x 7 x 125 mm 395 HO 05029465001 1 x 10 x 90 mm 05029466001 1 x 13 x 90 mm.

Kraftform Kompakt user ranges - the new special sets - compact yet very versatile. Suitable for all sanitary, wood, metal or electrical applications.

Kraftform Kompakt SH 1 PlumbKit. When we began to think about open-ended wrenches, we asked ourselves: why does the wrench always have to be flipped over; why does it have an offset design; why does it slip off injuring fingers? The new design of the mouth resulted in a real "Joker" that works even when all other trumps have been played.

The Zyklop Speed ratchets are really fast movers. The gyrating mass design means that screwdriving is accelerated. The rotation-symmetric structure of the Kraftform handle and the free turning sleeve reinforce this rapid twisting process, particularly when the ratchet does not engage due to too little resistance in the thread. A screwdriver with a hollow shaft is needed whenever there are screwdriving jobs involving threaded rods i.

The threaded rod through the nut can slip into the hollow shaft of the screwdriver. VDE-insulated screwdriver with reduced blade diameter.

Reduced blade diameter with integrated protective insulation, allows sunken screws and spring elements to be accessed and actuated, individually tested as per IEC 60900. The textile boxes offer dramatically improved portability, and are space saving to boot! This means you can now carry the same collection of tools, in a much more compact and comfortable package.

The hassle of running back and forth for the right tools has now become a thing of the past. And the much lower weight of a set makes carrying more convenient than ever before. The textile box including the tool will even survive a fall undamaged.
Kraftform Kompakt SH1 Plumbing Tool Kit, 25 Piece 05135927001    Kraftform Kompakt SH1 Plumbing Tool Kit, 25 Piece 05135927001